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Learn how to implement the RingCentral Web Widget on Salesforce to customize your CTI experience with click-to-dial, inbound screen-pop and integrated call logging.

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Welcome to the RingCentral Web Widget

The RingCentral Web Widget provides a fast way to add communications to your web app with a pre-built webphone that can handle voice, SMS.

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Static HTML

To implement the Web Widget on any web page, simply add a few lines of JavaScript to instantiate the widget. This will automatically link and enable the tel and sms URI schemes if they are not already registered.

Salesforce Open CTI

We will add the RingCentral Web Widget to Salesforce via the Open CTI framework.

Creating a Salesforce Call Center

  • Create a Call Center with salesforce_CallCenterDefinition.xml
  • This uses the /apex/RCPhone CTI Adapter URL

Create the Visualforce Page

The Web Widget is rendered in a Visualforce page. To create this use the following steps:

  • Open the Developer Console by clicking the link from the Settings menu item.

  • Click File > New > Visualforce Page

  • Name the page RCPhone
  • Paste in the <apex:page > code to the right
  • Click Edit > Fix Indentation

Add the Web Widget Visualforce Page to an App

Select your desired Salesforce app and add the widget using the following steps:

  • Go to Salesforce Setup by clicking the Setup icon in the menu bar.

  • Navigate to the App Manager using the Quick Find or the Apps > App Manager menu item.

  • Select an existing app such as LightningSales or create a new app.

  • Under the Utility Bar, add Open CTI Softphone

  • Click Save and then Done